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About Us

If you are passionate about helping survivors, especially battered women and their children, then we invite you to support our cause.

Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation, named in memory of Annie Bell Cage (a survivor of domestic violence for twenty-five years), was founded in 2015 by author and business professional, Ophelia R. Greene. The board members are passionate about helping survivors of domestic violence to rebuild their lives. We provide tangible resources and distribute funds or gifts to organizations that support rebuilding the family and ultimately the community. These organizations must qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code.


It goes without saying that America has become a violent nation. Many times the violence happens in the home, a place where families should feel safe. Families of domestic violence are devastated, become homeless, and struggle to recover for years.  The need to help them to rebuild their lives is a never-ending challenge that requires major financial support and other resources. 


Our main goal is to help qualified organizations indirectly meet the financial demands to bring victims out of the storm of domestic violence into a brighter day. Some smaller organizations provide great service to battered women and their children and they need constant support in order to meet the daily demands. This Foundation favors those organizations that are located in the State of Texas, Dallas County, and other counties within 50 miles of Dallas, Texas.

It would be great if every family were happy like this one below. But the reality is that over 20,000 people in America are subjected to family violence every day. Some are devastated and struggle to recover for years. Therefore, the need to help these families to rebuild their lives is a never-ending challenge.  You can make a difference. Help men, women, and children come out of the storm of violence into a brighter day.  Make your donation count.  DONATE TODAY

Happy Family and Recovery
Founder Ophelia R. Greene

Ophelia R.Greene


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Katrina Got Nothing on Max - Book by Ophelia Greene

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 With a donation of $150.00 or more you will become a shareholder and help survivors of domestic violence to rebuild their lives.


Your generosity entitles you to a copy of my new book:

Katrina's Got Nothing On Max:  A Constant Storm (True Stories of Survival) by Ophelia R. Greene 

It is inspirational as it reveals the journey of a family who encountered a super storm of unimaginable violence and survived.


All donations are deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 

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