Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation 

6 Questions to Determine Eligibility for Funding

        Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation is founded exclusively for charitable purposes, to assist in rebuilding the lives of survivors of child or domestic abuse, including providing tangible resources and the making distributions or gifts to organizations that support rebuilding the family and the lives of broken men, women, and children and ultimately the community. These organizations must qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS code. 


Please take the following quiz to determine whether your organization is eligible to apply for funds from Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation. If you answered "yes" to Questions 1 & 2  and "no" to Questions 4, 5 & 6, then you qualify. Complete and submit the Gift Application.


1.   Is your organization a nonprofit with tax-exempt status under Section1(c)(3) of the

      Internal Revenue Code and not classified as a private foundation? 

      a. Yes 

      b.  No (If no, you are not eligible) 


2.   Is your organization located within 50 miles of Dallas County, or at least half of the people your

      organization serves live within 50 miles of Dallas County? 

      a. Yes 

      b. No (If no, you do not meet our geographical requirements and are not eligible)


3.   Is this the first time your organization has applied for a gift from Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable


      a. Yes 

      b. No (If no, you must attach a copy of your exemption letter to this questionnaire)


4.   Would requested funds be used for sectarian purposes, i.e., programs that require a particular

      religious doctrine?

      a. No 

      b. Yes (If yes, you are not eligible)


5.   Would requested funds be used to fund or support political organizations or campaigns? 

       a. No 

       b. Yes  (If yes, you are not eligible)


6.  Are you requesting funds on behalf of a specific individual? 

      a. No 

      b. Yes  (If yes, you are not eligible)

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